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Client testimonials

  • Rifa is an excellent facilitator, supportive and challenging as a coach and insightful. Our clients respect her opinion and trust her judgement. Her insight and experience in tackling systemic inequalities are helpful for our clients who feel braver about doing the work with Rifa's help. I appreciate becoming more aware of my own unconscious bias and cultural conditioning through our work together. Rifa is a powerful force for positive change.

    Rifa is a powerful force for positive change.
    Steve Stark, Then Somehow

  • Rifa has a vision for how mindfulness and self-compassion are vital to both our personal well-being and the performance of teams and organisations. But visions are the easy part. What makes Rifa and Refigure so remarkable is that she has the skill and the will to follow through and create change with this work. I’ve taken part in Rifa’s workshops and guided meditations several times. She’s inclusive, practical and effective – an approachable, clever facilitator and I’d recommend working with her if you can.

    Antony Mayfield
    Brilliant Noise

  • Not only has Rifa been a great colleague, but spread across the year she also provided several much needed guided meditation sessions at the height of Brilliant Noise’s Busyness. Having not done much meditation before, it was quite eye opening how much difference a short 10 minute session just simply not thinking about work, or anything for that matter, can make to your day. Everyone should try at least one session with Rifa to see if it’s a good fit for your family or business or family business.

    Martin Edwards

  • Rifa is a delight to work with. A wonderful balance of professional and spiritual that is seems the perfect combination for her work at Refigure. We had a team meditation session with Rifa which went so well we’ve now booked a course of sessions. Taking time out of the busy day to focus and meditate as a team had an amazingly positive and calming effect. We all agreed it was easy to relax and enter into the meditative space with Rifa’s experienced guidance.

    Mel Hickmore
    Nice Media

  • Rifa is one of the best producers, and people, I have ever worked with. She brings a level of energy, passion and creativity to her projects that few can match, that combined with her ability to keep a cool head at all times makes her the perfect producer. Her skills go far beyond production though and I also recommend her for her communication, mentoring and leadership skills (and many others too!).

    Digby Killick

  • Rifa is very motivating and inspiring person to work with. She has the capacity pull together huge projects both as a volunteer (for She Says) and as a project manager for multiple projects at once (at Clearleft). Her approach is warm, calm, inventive, organised, professional and human.

    Ellen De Vries

  • Rifa came into our company to deliver a guided introduction to mindful meditation and how we can apply the techniques of meditation into our day to day lives and roles. As a quickly growing technology business, we often demand a lot of ourselves and our team. It was great to have Rifa come in and share her experiences within the sector, and how she’s brought meditation into digital business to help reduce inherent anxieties and stress. The team responded really well to the session, were curious to find out more and enjoyed the guided meditation itself. By doing it together as a team and sharing our experiences, it also helps to bond the company through a shared experience and collegial vibe. I would highly recommend Rifa’s Refigure services to any digital business looking to build a positive culture for their teams.

    Natalie Lloyd

  • Rifa did a meditation at work taster session for my staff team at Brighton & Hove Impetus. Rifa spoke briefly about the ideas behind meditation and mindfulness, and the benefits of bringing these principles to work with us. The short meditation she led was well-judged in style, content and length. The session got great feedback from the team, and has prompted a small group of colleagues to set up their own lunchtime meditation group. Thank you!

    Jo Ivens

  • Rifa is very passionate and motivated to support young entrepreneurs and mentor young businesses to produce great results. She is always solutions orientated with an energetic and positive attitude and a great partner to work with.

    Claire Beaumont-Allen
    Independents United

  • Thank you so much for yesterday, it was a really useful session. Grateful as always for your guidance and support. It really has made big and positive changes for me.

    Tarik Elmoutawakil
    Marlborough Theatre Productions

  • Rifa continues to be an inspiring mentor for The Marlborough Theatre, she has spent the time getting under the skin of what we do and ask us those necessary hard questions that has made us reflect and refocus as an organisation (always for the better). She is passionate, thoughtful and super smart and we value her thoughts and opinions highly.

    David Sheppeard
    The Spire

  • I’m very grateful to have met Rifa while attending SheSays, she is an inspiration as advocate for women and a great mentor. She’s passionate and always positive. I also attended a few Refigure events, where she does meditation sessions that are very focused on individuals and their goals. These are not only great techniques to rebalance your personal and work life, but I found this really helped me being more focused in my life goals and with my general balance and happiness.

    Bea Maggipinto
    Art Director

  • Rifa is a brilliant connector, with a knack for organising events that everyone wants to go to, for bringing interesting people together and for making things happen. Rifa has an eye for new opportunities and is a great champion of women the digital sector in Brighton and beyond, which she knows so well. Rifa’s helped many of us find our feet over the years. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on your career, or your life in general, try a cup of tea with Rifa.

    Charlie Peverett
    Communications Strategist

  • Rifa makes things happen. And if things are already happening she can make them better than anyone knew they could be. Her reserves of drive, energy and support are limitless and she’s consistently able to make you consider a perspective you hadn’t previously. It’s impossible to collaborate with Rifa and not leave feeling that the world is full of more possibilities that you’d thought. She knows how to empower, encourage and enable.

    Caroline Walmsley
    Further My Future

  • Rifa is such a calm, steady hand to help you through whatever challenge you might be facing. She does this in a practical, valuable way. The way Rifa works isn’t ‘airy-fairy’ or lightweight. It’s about gaining results that will seriously benefit you and your business needs. I can’t recommend her and her approach highly enough

    Emily Scoggins
    The O2 London