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Sandra Staufer


Brand identity for Heads-up Coaching

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The Challenge

Well considered, bespoke Illustrations can be the magic ingredient to build strong brand recognition. A consistent style elevates your from the competition and adds that personal touch which shows that you care.

Lyndsey commissioned me to create a range of illustrations to give her brand a recognisable yet distinctive identity and strengthen her business offering.

There are many coaching businesses out there and Head-sup Coaching wanted to show the clients that they are going the extra mile.

The illustrations have different uses and sometimes a quick turn-round was necessary as the coaching modules change very frequently.

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The Results

The use of colour, characters and typography enhanced the general tone of voice of the visual communication of the current marketing collateral. Lyndsey likes a vibrant colour palette and a dynamic, vivid approach. Quickly I established the main characters (personas) which tell the story on the various scenarios. These feature sequentially throughout the set of illustrations. The idea is to describe the event or coaching session whilst evoking enthusiasm for 'business'. The illustrations are being used in Eventbrite invites, on the website and for blog posts. They have now become part of Lyndsey's brand identity and are recognisable throughout the different collaterals.

The range of illustrations has enabled Lyndsey from Heads-up Coaching to showcase her products and services in a visually distinctive way and for them to reach a wider audience, which has significantly contributed to the success of her business.

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