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5 Top Trends for Content Creation in 2021

We’re kicking off 2021 optimistically after what was a hard but equally successful year for the STK studio. There's lots to be proud of – we turned 3 years old, we grew the team, we grew our in-house capabilities and added some fantastic clients to our books… but most importantly we keep the lights on and that in itself is an achievement in these [quote] ‘unprecedented times.’

Our studio DNA played a huge part in the success of the last year and how we’ve progressed as a business. From the outset, we’ve always been about fast-moving, quick turnaround content supported by agile and nimble productions. Little did we know just how important and fundamental that would become and continues to be.

As a socially-led studio, we operate in a space that is constantly moving an evolving. That’s what makes it such an exciting place to be right now. So whilst we reflect on the year we’ve just had, we wanted to share thoughts and predictions for social content creation trends as we head into 2021 - here is our top 5.

First up and I am sure no real surprise to many of us - the importance of Authenticity.

We’ve experienced a huge shift in the kind of work we are creating. The arrival and adoption of Tik Tok and other creator platforms has pushed us even further down the ‘authentic and genuine’ garden path. We have always believed that social content and the creation of, is a unique skillset and this has never been truer than now – authenticity plays a huge part in that.

Secondly, the requests we have seen for mobile shot content has grown exponentially, so trend two has to be - more content shot on mobile phones.

There is no denying that professionally crafted mobile content and UCG (user-generated content) content is on the rise. Closely linked to authenticity, we know that from an online and social perspective this content often outperforms its glossier counterparts. This isn’t a new trend, it's about appearing less contrived, more off the cuff and rough & ready - ultimately less brand like. We have an incredibly powerful tool in our back pockets (and some fantastic apps) that as brand content creators we should expect finding their way into our kit bags more and more frequently.

If there is one thing that the current pandemic has accelerated, it was the steady move towards more agile productions.

With COVID likely to linger with us for most of the year, agile crews and one-man-band setups are likely to remain the preferred and safest way to keep creating content in 2021. We’ve always operated in small and agile crews with the ‘multi-disciplined film creative’ being one of our sharpest tools. In times where budgets need to be stretched and clients need a problem-solving attitude that flexibility has proven to be really valuable – the power to the one-man bands!

In a world where everything we create was needed yesterday, it feels like a new way of approaching motion graphics and animation is in order to keep up.

This has been a growing issue that we’ve seen and experienced in the social space “how can we do more motion graphics and animation with social budgets?” A common misconception is that these services are cheaper than shooting, when in fact the process surrounding motion graphics and animation is on par if not in many cases more expensive than shooting. I think many clients have experienced this whilst looking to motion graphics and animation to solve their content issues during lockdown. We as an industry need to help answer this question and it can’t just be - make it cheaper. A big barrier is education of the process and making the process easier to purchase. We’ve put together a guide to assist our clients in working out what’s possible with their available budgets. Saving us time and speeding up the process. Remember to drop me a message after if you would like to see that.

The last trend for 2021 is... more influencer content.

This is definitely nothing new. The influencer dominance that we’ve seen over the last few years will continue to grow in favour of acting talent. This year we’ve worked with more influencers and celebrities than ever before. It all nods to the importance of authenticity and capturing the attention of a qualified audience that wants to be spoken to.

So that’s it, our top 5 for this year in the social content creation space. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to discuss any of the above or see our animation purchasing guide.

Happy creating in 2021.