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ICW Digital

Web Design & Development, Consultancy, e-Commerce, e-Learning

Who I am

Paul Edwards, a Web Consultant and Frontend Developer who has been freelancing since 2005. I work with small business, charities, NGO's, SME's, academic institutions and startups.

I get a real kick out of helping people gain direction with their online presence and establishing and meeting quantifiable goals for their business. I want to get involved, learn about you, learn about your clients and improve your offering.

What I do

Professional, results orientated Web Design, Digital Consultancy and Website Maintenance company specialising in everything WordPress.

I work with you to really understand your businesses and your customers to create a digital strategy that drives progress and generates actions which genuinely give a good return on investment.

Who I do it for

If you provide a service, product or activity which improves the world or the lives of people in some way, then the likelihood is then yes, I will work with you. I really enjoy working with clients who are positive and dare I say, ‘passionate’ about what they do.

It doesn’t matter if you are self-employed, a startup, an SME, academic institution, marketing agency, NGO, non-profit, charity or charitable trust. I have experience with all of these types of clients. You don’t even have to be in the UK either. I work across Europe and Developing Countries. The one thing that links all my clients is that they do good things. They want to improve lives and yes, often they want to make money too. Who doesn’t?

One of the very great privileges of being a freelance worker is that I get to choose my clients. Only forming working relationships with those that I believe in means that I am totally committed to helping them achieve their goals.

I never have been able to sell something that I don't believe in, and I think that benefits you and your customers.