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Web Design & Development, App Development, Mobile Design & Development

Who I am

amillionmonkeys is a tiny Brighton-based, full-stack development outfit. We build fast, robust and affordable apps and websites for a range of clients including Sussex Wildlife Trust, Samsung, Brighton City Council and Airbnb.

What I do

We build websites, apps and other digital products; offering a simple, affordable solution to businesses and agencies that do not have in-house developers. We are good communicators, easy to work with, and turn projects around quickly.

(For the technically minded, our day-to-day tech stack usually involves a combination of Laravel, React, React Native and VueJS)

Who I do it for

We partner with business owners and creative agencies to build digital products that make an impact. Over the past five years our clients have included Sussex Wildlife Trust, Sky Movies, Airbnb, ITV and plenty more besides.