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Half Normal Productions

Audio Production, TV/Film/Video, Multimedia Production

Who we are

We are a video and audio production company in Brighton.

Ollie Denton - Cinematographer | Videographer | Editor

Harry Winter - Motion graphic designer

Ben Wilson - Audio Engineer

What we do

From pre-production to post, we can handle all aspects of putting a video together, between us we've got quite a good range of skills so we can offer all sorts of services, from multi-camera event filming, creating bespoke graphics for an explainer video to mixing and mastering the audio for a music video.

Who we do it for

We've worked with bands, festivals, wedding couples, and lots of corporate gigs. Specifically we have worked for:


Shura, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Half Moon Run, Jon Bryant, Kelly Lee Owens


Bumbershoot (WA, USA)

Sasquatch (WA, USA)

MUTEK (Mexico)

Iceland Airwaves (Rekyavik)

Primavera (Barelona)

Reeperbahn (Hamberg)

Oya (Oslo), Reading (UK)

Boardmasters (UK)


ICMP London

Somerset LMC


The Nest Collective


MTR Elizabeth line


Civil Aviation Authority

Scouts Store