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Be The Fox


Be The Fox Produces New Episode for EDF Energy's Epic Electric Adventures Film Series

Electric Adventures is an influencer-led road trip film series which tackles the reservations and fears that people have about electric cars and drives awareness of EDF Energy’s electric car offering and battery-powered energy network. The series features some of the UK’s favourite social media influencers on a British road trip - with a twist. 

In Episode 6, two old friends from Love Island 2018, Wes Nelson and Dr Alex George, are reunited and challenged to a road trip across East England in a Tesla Model X to discover the role and power of nuclear energy whilst busting a few EV myths along the way. 

In previous episodes, Camilla Thurlow took a road trip through Scotland in a Hyundai Kona, swam in Loch Lomond and skydived with an 86-year old world record-holder. And in another, YouTuber and inventor Colin Furze went on a mission in an electric van to test the spectacular possibilities of battery power which included a battery-powered night bike ride through the Peak District. 

The first five episodes of Electric Adventures have been viewed by over 1 million people in the UK, with an average view time for each film of 3m 40s, 733% above the target set. The campaign was also nominated for multiple awards in 2019 including an Influencer Marketing Award, a DMA Award, an Online Influence Award and two DADI Awards.

Diana Ellis-Hill, Co-Founder and Series Director for the series, said: “We're extremely proud of the engaging, authentic and creative stories we’ve told in the Electric Adventures film series, working in a truly collaborative way with Brilliant Noise to help position EDF Energy as a leader in low carbon energy and electric travel."

Watch Episode 6 with Wes Neslon and Dr Alex Geoge on their Fission Impossible here.