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Be The Fox


Be The Fox Produces Uplifting Films For Parents In Lockdown For Danone

Whilst in lockdown, Be The Fox worked with creative agency Mofilm to devise and produce a series of four authentic films by parents for parents on behalf of Danone. The aim of the films was to provide emotional support, guidance and ideas to parents in confinement around the world. Four relevant themes were identified for the content reflecting the many situations that parents with young children find themselves in during lockdown - ‘Bring the Outside In’, ‘Seek Out Silver Linings’, ‘Stay Connected’ and ‘Bond with Co-workers’.

To make the films, Be The Fox tapped into their extensive network of parent filmmakers to self-shoot the films with their families. Drawing upon their creative knowledge of filmmaking, as well as their experiences of being a parent in lockdown, the filmmakers shot the videos using their own high-end kit at home, and featured themselves and their families as the talent.

Diana Ellis Hill, Co-Founder of Be The Fox and Series Director said "We loved making this series of inspirational and engaging films for parents during lockdown for Danone. It was a process none of us had ever experienced before - all briefed, shot and edited in a few days, without any of us meeting face-to-face. What made it a success was the energy and commitment of everyone involved who had galvanised to create these authentic, emotive films within the challenging production restrictions placed upon us.

Check out the films on Be The Fox's website.