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Be The Fox


Be The Fox Work with Screen & Film School Brighton to Produce Their Latest Promo Film

To make the final product totally student-centric, they took a collaborative approach, enlisting the help of some very capable pairs of student hands to work directly alongside the team at Be The Fox - proving to be a fantastic opportunity and learning experience for all involved.

Roles for the students to get stuck into included: Shadow Director, Shadow DOP, Camera Assistant and Edit Assistant among many others. In total 17 students supported the production, all playing a vital role to ensure the final film succeeded in attracting a new generation of talented filmmakers to Brighton.  

The one minute action-packed film is cut together in a textural, attention grabbing style, accompanied by a spoken word poem - painting a picture of what it’s like to live and study in Brighton. As well as interview footage and B-Roll from a studio shoot day, the film is packed full of archive footage and unique snapshots of the city.

Be The Fox are so grateful for the hard work, enthusiasm and creativity of all their student contributors. What would a film school promo be without input from those who spend the most time there?


Holly Blackhurst, the school’s Head of Marketing & Admissions says

Screen and Film School Brighton commissioned industry partner Be The Fox to produce a series of promotional videos promoting the college. They listened to the brief and produced a concept that was exactly what we were looking for. The best part of it was how much they involved the students. A fantastic work experience opportunity for them and adding fantastic value to the final treatment. It was a huge pleasure to work with Be The Fox and it was such an easy, smooth and well communicated process for us as the client – we all had a lot of fun!

James Honess, Producer on the project says :

As a graduate of the film school, I knew it would be crucial to hear student voices, echoing their experiences and opinions throughout the films. Credit to Be The Fox’s Co-Founder Diana for the brilliant poem, and Editor Chloe Kelly (also a recent graduate!) for her unique and compelling edit style that tied the films together. We had an absolute blast working with Screen and Film School Brighton.

René Lorraine, Screen and Film School student says “During the shoot, I took on the role of the shadow director which was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. It was my first time working alongside an industry partner on set and also my first time on set in months because of Covid, which meant the whole day was just brilliant! 

Watch the 60" film on our website.