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Be The Fox


Be the Fox Help Cazoo Give Customers an Enjoyable Experience When Buying a Car Online

Cazoo is the UK’s leading online car retailer which makes buying a car as easy as buying any other product online today. Founded on the core belief that everyone deserves to feel total confidence when buying a car, Cazoo provides consumers with a premium service that is simple, transparent and convenient when buying or financing cars entirely online.

In addition to the main purchase – the car – Cazoo also offers a range of add-on products that provide people with added peace of mind such as CazooCover and CazooGuard. They also offer an entirely online car finance journey for customers looking for more purchasing flexibility. To help explain the benefits of these more complex products in a clear, simple and engaging way, as well as give people complete confidence when buying them, Cazoo has just released three new explainers about each on their online platform.

Created and produced by creative production company Be The Fox, the online films are fast-paced, modern and engaging to reflect the Cazoo brand and stand out from the classic product explainers in the sector. The visual narrative shows (rather than tells) the benefits of the products in a really simple, clear and relevant way to people’s lives. Infused with high production values, the films combine commercial level filming with eye-catching GFX, contributing to the exciting experience that Cazoo offers its customers along the whole car purchase journey.

Diana Ellis-Hill, creative director and co-founder of Be The Fox, said:

After their home, buying a car is probably the most expensive purchase most people will ever make and Cazoo wants to ensure that experience is an exciting and enjoyable one. Our product content forms part of that online car buying journey, so from the modern approach through to the clear and simple messaging and high end production values, it was important the videos delivered that level of emotional experience too.

George Majstorovic, marketing manager at Cazoo, said:

We are on a mission to transform the way people buy cars and needed a content production team able to produce top quality, modern and engaging content that delivers the enjoyable online car buying experience we want for our customers. Be the Fox were the perfect partner from the outset. They kept our marketing objectives at the centre of creative development and produced content that stands head and shoulders above videos of this sort in the market. On top of this, they were incredibly efficient and easy to work with, and the whole process was seamless.

Click here to watch the films.