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AHRC TECHNE - What to expect from a PHD

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The Challenge

Help prospective students understand what life is really like as an arts and humanities PhD student with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

The Results

A series of fifteen short films delivering valuable insights from interviews with research students and academics. The films explore the many decisions that need to be made on the journey towards applying for and undertaking a PhD doctoral degree ranging from choosing a research focus through to supervision and funding.

Breaking away from the traditional academic talking head format, our films were fuelled with emotive B-Roll to enhance the stylised interview setups. We spent time crafting each video to feel like a high-end, short form piece with it's own unique identity and style.

Casting played an important role in the films, with us working closely alongside the University of Brighton to identify a diverse set of students who were studying interesting PhD subjects and could talk engagingly about their PhD experience.

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