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Be The Fox


Dri-Pak 'Whole Lotta Clean'

Dri-Pak 'Whole Lotta Clean' header image

The Challenge

The multichannel retro-style creative draws on Dri-Pak’s 60-year heritage in cleaning as a household favourite. The suite of content includes four variations of social ads plus ‘how to’ guides featuring a catchy jingle to both educate and entertain. A big green rubber glove can be seen working away in a miniature kitchen. The films showcase how easy it is for everyone to use the one product in multiple ways and are a far cry from how cleaning products are usually advertised and communicated with consumers.

The campaign will run across Meta, Instagram, Youtube, DV360, Yahoo, Teads and Paid search and on Dri-Pak's social channels, leveraging the go-to media platforms for cleaning enthusiasts, influencers, and everyone in search for a smarter way to clean.

“Our method of cleaning is even more relevant today than when the product was first created." said Robert Fenton, Managing Director of Dri-Pak. "People want to clean with fewer products as they are mindful of costs, the environment and ease of use. The campaign is accessible to everyone, and we can’t wait to see the response from our loyal customers and new audiences as they discover even more ways to use Dri-Pak Soda Crystals."

The Results

Megan Price, Co-Founder and Director at Be The Fox, said: "I've used this product for years in my home, firstly on my kids' reusable nappies, and now, I'm able to spread the word as the creative team behind Dri-Pak's first ever campaign. It's ecological and not expensive, which I know is important to lots of people. The campaign shows, in a non-dated or cliché cleaning category advertising way, how easy it is to use. It's relatable and entertaining and I believe the creative will relate with a whole lotta people.’

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