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Cadi Froehlich - freelancer

Design & Branding, Illustration, Digital Printing

Who I am

I’ve been making communication solutions

for over 20 years, finding beautiful ways to

connect ideas and audiences.

This work has taken me all over the world,

allowing me to offer a unique global

understanding of your projects.

So, you need someone professional

and passionate to design your ideas for

branding, digital or printed formats?

Nice to meet you.

What I do

Adobe Photoshop,

Illustrator and InDesign

Microsoft Office suite

Apple iWork suite

Fluent German and French

Maker of 3D objects and installations

Who I do it for

2005 - Freelance Graphic Designer and Artist

2000 Web Producer, Victoria Real, Brighton

1999 Account Web Manager, Tequila, London

1998 Global Web Editor, Novell Inc, San Jose

1996 Digital Image Editor, Applied Materials, Santa Clara