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Zedify - Animated explainer video

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The Challenge

Zedify wanted an animated video to communicate with customers, investors and potential franchisees. They needed to address their customers' need for an efficient logisitcs partner, the impact of logistics on the environment and society, introduce some key concepts (such as last-mile deliveries), and show off their fleet of bikes, trikes and zero-emissions vans, and all within 2 minutes.

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The Results

Working closely with founders Sam Keam and Rob King, I set the wheels in motion with a briefing stage - collating information on the company and the objectives they wished to achieve. The pre-production process consisted of a lot of two and fro between myself and Sam and Rob, working first on a script, which progressed on a storyboard and then an animatic. Over several iterations, the animatic gradually evolved into a rough cut, that then formed the bases of the final animation. The animation is a mixture of 2D and 3D (Cinema 4D), with illustrations and designs created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The final animation was created in Adobe After Effects, and final edit with audio was completed in Adobe Premiere.

"I always felt like Richard was able to quickly grasp the concepts we needed to communicate and translate them into succinct and captivating content."

Sam Keam, Zedify

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