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Missing Piece Business Coaching

Business Services, Consultancy, Investment

Who we are

Coaches and Consultants with a love for technology developing pathways to the future.

Mark and Adele work alongside you, in partnership, to ensure your team is aligned to your vision and with the right energy to achieve the future you dream of.

With a history of working in technology, IOT, IT Security and Health, the Missing Piece offers balance between technology language and brand & product, allowing you to scale your business.

What we do

Operating as both partners and advisors, we work with you to develop the capabilities to grow and focusing on discovering future trends.

Through a combination of individual and group activities, your team will be energised and all pulling in the same direction towards your vision.

Who we do it for

We are looking for partners not clients, and care about what you achieve. Better results are achieved by well funded, technology businesses with fun as their core value.

We work with high achieving companies who want to disrupt the status quo in technology and process and are ready to invest in their success.

The company was formed with an understanding that growth is often restricted by the lack of the correct skills and capabilities... as the missing piece, we fill the gap by working on the approach (the what?) as well as the implementation (the how?)

IOT has been an interest since Mark worked on Internet over Power Line and control and management systems.

Today we work with asset management IOT businesses, IT Risk Security and compliance, health companies, all at the forefront of their service offer as well as leading innovators in the social NGO space.