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Roodesign Limited

Consultancy, Web Design & Development, Research & Planning, User Experience

Who we are

Hello, I’m Jon Roobottom. For two decades, I’ve worked hands-on and led teams in creating apps and websites that people love.

Recently, I was Head of Design for Firefly Learning— an award-winning Ed-tech company where I helped enhance the school experience for thousands of students, teachers and parents.

Before that, I worked in various digital product companies and agencies as a hands-on designer and front-end developer.

Now I help organisations affect change through design: by empowering digital teams to work better together.

What we do

* Hands-on visual and interaction design

* Front-end development

* Team leadership and org design consultation

* Strategy and process

Who we do it for

I work with organisations and agencies in and around Brighton. I also work directly with clients.