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Relative Motion

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Alone With Tosca In Virtual Reality

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The Challenge

Virtual reality is a new performance space and, since its establishment in 2018, Relative Motion has been exploring the best ways to work on this new virtual stage – with actors, narratives, and an ‘audience-of-one’ - to craft exceptional story experiences.

In looking for their next project, they turned to the team’s historic expertise in opera, seeing it as an exciting new frontier in VR. Tosca VR allowed them to build on their expertise in performance in 360̊ space, whilst also expanding their skillset to include spatialising voice and orchestral instruments.

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The Results

VR storytelling studio, Relative Motion, have launched the first made-for virtual reality opera.

Commissioned by The Space, this innovative new interpretation of Tosca re-creates 15 minutes of Act One for a VR performance space. Set on location, this immersive production fuses exceptional performance in a 360̊ space with fully spatialised sound and orchestrations to transport you to the heart of this iconic love story.

Relative Motion has, as a result, re-imagined Tosca – a cornerstone of the opera canon – to put you, the single audience member, in the middle of the story and in the centre of the orchestra; offering a truly inspiring way to experience an art form that demands the highest standards of artistry – musically, acoustically and visually.

Starring Justine Viani (Tosca), Robin Bailey (Cavaradossi), Matthew Palmer (Angelotti) and Jake Stewart (Sacristan), this intimate production, sung in English, will appeal to both opera connoisseurs and the opera-curious.

Available to access free online (YouTube, Facebook), Tosca VR brings all the soaring sounds and dazzling performances of opera into your VR headset or to your phone/tablet.

You can also watch a short "making-of" exploring some of the technical and creative innovations involved in Tosca VR at

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