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Steve Huckle - freelancer

Programming, App Development, Systems Integration

Who I am

I have many years of experience in IT. In the past, I have been a UNIX System Administrator, an Audio Programmer in Games, a freelance Programmer, and a Web Developer. Currently, I am writing up my thesis for a PhD in blockchain technologies, which I'm doing at Sussex Uni', where I have developed distributed applications such as ReportAid (, a prototype dApp to help increase the trust of humanitarian aid reporting. The apps' frontend uses React + TypeScript + Redux, a technology toolchain I have really enjoyed using. I hope to do some more!

What I do

I'm a capable programmer who is comfortable in most tech' environments, so if you're looking for a bit of experience, do look me up! I also enjoy writing and presenting, so if you have any public engagement opportunities, do look me up, too!

Who I do it for

I am a highly experienced and skilled programmer who would add lots of value to your project. If you are working on an open-source app' or the digital commons arena, and you need a coder or a tech'-aware copywriter, please get in contact. Get in touch, too, if you are a socially conscious organisation that puts some good back into the world; I'd love to help.