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Diversity and Ability (D&A)

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It's Disability History Month!

Yesterday marked the start of Disability History Month, prompting us all to celebrate the progress in Disability rights and inclusion, but also acknowledge the many barriers that disabled people still face.

The theme this year perfectly encapsulates this dual focus: Access- how far have we come? How far is still left to go?

At Diversity and Ability, disability inclusion is at the heart of everything we do. As a disabled-led organisation, our mission is to share our lived experience and knowledge to inform, advocate and educate for a truly inclusive society.

All month, we will be sharing resources, thoughts and reflections to help us celebrate Disability History Month but also take this time to learn what we need to do to foster a diverse and inclusive future for us all.

First, check out our blog post reflecting on 10 years of D&A, and our major milestones in access for disabled and neurodiverse individuals and communities.

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