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Arjuna Woodrow Design

Web Design & Development, User Experience, Design & Branding, e-Commerce

Who I am

I am a Brighton-based UI/UX designer with experience working on digital products across web, iOS and Android. I am passionate about creating beautiful, user focussed interfaces and solving complex problems with clean and simple design solutions.

What I do

My expertise is in UI, UX and digital product design, working from the research stage to refined user interfaces via wireframing, user testing and user flows.

My experience spans web, iOS and Android apps.

Available for longer contracts, smaller work or consultancy roles.

Who I do it for

I have vast experience working for digital startups specialising in publishing, ecommerce and Saas. I have proven experience taking startup companies digital products to the next level in terms of visuals and user experience.

I have a passion for food so have also worked in this sector for recipe websites and restaurants.