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2D/3D Animation, Illustration, Creative

The Bobo has Landed! A Little Green Alien Arrives from Space to Teach Children English….

Bobo English was conceived out of the need for a platform for pre-school children to learn English, without the presence of a teacher (due the effects of the Covid Pandemic). Our remit was to showcase Bobo and his new friends through a multi-layered series of 3D and live action videos. In turn the series would then be used to market the app and generate downloads.

More about Bobo…

Bobo is a little green alien who has landed on Earth knowing nothing of his newfound surroundings.  Through a series of fun, sing-along encounters with various creatures; Bobo learns more and more English words and shares his new knowledge with his pre-school audience, Bobo needed to be friendly and engaging to be able to not only appeal to the child, but also to resonate with the end purchaser, the parent or guardian.  Therefore, his design and nature of movement was modelled around these dual objectives.

What’s next?

The project is ever growing as new lessons are developed with the teaching advisory team (end client: New Oriental) ; with scope to further develop the app for older children and in different subject disciplines.  Therefore, we have scaled our infrastructure and teams to reflect the volume of work.  We’ve also developed a bespoke project tracker in order to share timely commentary, sign off and feedback between us, Prismo and the client (but more on this later…)

What to know more?....

Then visit our Bobo project page or watch this space next month where we will be posting a featured showcase on our green buddy, lifting the curtain on the inner workings of Tick Tock Robot!