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2D/3D Animation, Illustration, Creative

Ticktockrobot Works with DIGIT to Tackle Those Pesky Emails

This project couldn’t have come to us at a more timely moment after lockdown had forced many of us to work remotely from home. Clients and colleagues we’d been used to talking with in person had been replaced by video calls [which quickly became tedious] or email.

The DIGIT [Digital Futures at Work Research Centre], co-led by the University of Sussex and Leeds tasked us with producing a short animation and supporting infographics to explore the latter. The brief was to convey psychologist Dr Emma Russell’s research into why we send those emails we all wish we hadn’t, and how we can act differently in the future.

“Ticktockrobot were a pleasure to work with from start to finish, going above and beyond to deliver an excellent product on time and to budget.  We wanted to communicate key insights from the research in a fun and engaging way, illustrating some of the reasons people send problematic emails and how they can act differently.  We’re delighted with the results.”

Emma Russell, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Digital Futures at Work Research Centre
University of Sussex Business School

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