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2D/3D Animation, Illustration, Creative

Ticktockrobot Showreel 2021

Ticktockrobot Showreel 2021 header image

The Challenge

Here is our 2021 showreel showcasing the best of ticktockrobot to date, this reel features some of the most diverse briefs we have ever worked on from a film concerning anti-biotic overuse, to work-related suicide to global environmentally collapse. As ever, with heavily emotive subject matter, animation is a best fit to be able to portray powerful messaging in a pertinent way that can't be achieved through live-action media.

On a lighter note look out for marionettes, astronauts and cool bikers...

Ticktockrobot Showreel 2021 image 1Ticktockrobot Showreel 2021 image 2Ticktockrobot Showreel 2021 image 3Ticktockrobot Showreel 2021 image 4

The Results

We are super proud of our body of work and hope to continue to work on such exciting and fulfilling briefs and projects within these unprecedented, challenging times.

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