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2D/3D Animation, Illustration, Creative

Zapfilment - Selling's Simple Again!

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The Challenge

Once again, our friends and collaborators Whitespace introduced us to their clients Zapfilment. This new start up, being built alongside an already strong existing business, needed an animation to highlight the services they could offer online retailers. After sitting and talking through the business and its audiences with them, it was clear the three main areas to focus on were storage, dispatching and inventory management. It was also important that the video appeal to a wide range of businesses and individuals, from established sellers to new start ups of any scale, small or large.

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The Results

We decided that the parcels and packaging should be the hero. The variety of shapes and sizes leant for a lot of fun in creating compositions, but also kept the subject [ ie. what was being sold ] open so as not to exclude any potential Zapfilment clients. In this spirit we also felt it would be fun to juxtaposition the characters as simpler two-dimensional stick figures against the full 3D packaging – again to highlight it is the stock that is key to the narrative here – the people are here to help tell that story.

We often include a full suite of additional assets that can assist with a client’s digital vision. After creating the animation, we set about creating a full A4 infographic poster for use in trade mags, as well a series of social media looping vignettes and website assets. This ensured that the visuals we had created were carried throughout the company’s business.

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