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2D/3D Animation, Illustration, Creative

Client testimonials

  • Faced with the challenge of explaining the benefits of Credit Control, the team at Ticktock Robot ignored my clunky, rather literal effort at a storyboard and instead told our story by creating a wonderful, engaging world filled with intriguing machines powered by golden coins flowing along glassy pipes. The results speak for themselves - you need only watch the video to see how good the finished project was. Indeed, to appreciate how diverse and varied the company's output is you should take a look at its amazing portfolio, which is what attracted us to work with Ticktock Robot in the first place. This is not a company just recycling the same old ideas again and again for different clients. Since the quality of the work is evident to all, I wanted to also mention what a great pleasure it was to work with this company as their client. The process is well managed, with clear deliverables and an online portal to track the project and manage feedback. I always felt that the feedback we gave was embraced, though sometimes challenged (in a good way) - all of which helped the finished project exceed our expectations. We will miss the excitement of Friday afternoons when Ticktock Robot would unveil the latest progress! I cannot recommend Ticktock Robot highly enough. But as a client I would advise you to let go and completely place your trust in them. Allow yourself to be led by their creativity and talent and the results will shine.

    Stuart Elmes
    My Credit Controllers

  • “We thoroughly enjoyed working with ticktockrobot and would not hesitate to involve them in future projects. Simon was extremely responsive and kept us up to date, and on track, throughout the work. The ticktockrobot team had fantastic creative suggestions that really helped to bring our research to life making it accessible and engaging for a wider audience, and the animations themselves were incredibly impressive and professional. Thanks so much Simon and team!”

    Faith Orchard PhD
    Lecturer in Psychology at University of Sussex

  • I've collaborated with Simon and his team at ticktockrobot on a number of projects and I always find their work to be inventive and beautifully realised.  Simon's animation and directing skills are superb and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and ticktockrobot.

    Sara Kenney, Writer, Producer& Director
    Wowbagger Productions

  • I have worked closely with ticktockrobot on many challenging briefs, their passion and tenacity are a delight to work with, and they have always delivered above expectations. Their communication skills are excellent, they are attentive and take the time to understand the goals and objectives of the project. Creatively, they are full of unique and clever ideas, and I thoroughly enjoy conceptualising and planning the execution with them. Ticktockrobot are a pleasure to work with and If I have a challenging brief or an ambitious idea I take it to them.

    Simon Stanford, Creative Producer
    Disney Media

  • We recently worked with ticktockrobot to bring to life a series of engaging animations depicting how body shape ideals have changed throughout history. Their understanding of the brief and our requirements was spot on and the end product was fantastic. They were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the process and were particularly patient when it came to any amends that needed to be made. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any of our clients and we will definitely work with them again in future.

    Alex Jones, PR Consultant