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Diane Davies /daıæn deıvıs/ ■ n.

Diane Davies  /daıæn deıvıs/ ■ n. header image

The Challenge

To create a new brand for a new business venture, which included a logo, promotional piece and website for a proofreader. Target market were design and marketing agencies, arts organisations and publishers.

Diane Davies  /daıæn deıvıs/ ■ n. image 1Diane Davies  /daıæn deıvıs/ ■ n. image 2Diane Davies  /daıæn deıvıs/ ■ n. image 3Diane Davies  /daıæn deıvıs/ ■ n. image 4

The Results

For a proofreader, a dictionary is an important tool and we chose this as the inspiration for the typographic Dd logo. The supporting fonts and how they are used represent a dictionary entry.

We created a promotional calendar which folds into a poster and includes dictionary-type entries for each month of the year. For example, October: Oo — Ooeeeooh (also Wooh sometimes Boo) representing a spooky noise, made suddenly to surprise or frighten someone, frequently on 31st October.

Continuing the dictionary inspired theme, we designed the website to give the feel of turning pages whilst the lettered tabs are used to index Diane's clients.

Diane Davies  /daıæn deıvıs/ ■ n. footer image

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