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Aecre - single origin honey

Aecre - single origin honey header image

The Challenge

We created the print and digital identity for start-up Aecre, which makes the most delicious honey known to man. Exploring the strength of bees and bee products emanating from the countryside, we started with the symbol, creating a joyous logo inspired by the path of the humble honey bee, that accompanies Aecre in every step of its journey.

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The Results


Glass v plastic – the packaging dilemma

When glass is recycled it is turned into more glass. It can then be recycled again. In fact it can be recycled again and again and never lose its integrity. Plastic bottles, however, are not recycled into plastic bottles. Every time a product is packaged in a plastic bottle, jar or other type of container, it’s new plastic.

For Aecre, we used glass jars and printed the honey ‘labels’ directly onto them. This simplified the production process and reduced the use of paper and energy.


Printed on Gmund bier Pils Paper, with genuine brewer's spent grain.


aecre was a new company and credibility was a crucial aspect to this site and to any website. Even if people find the content they are looking for, if they don’t trust you, that content is worthless. It was important that people knew this was a real company with real people. So we have an image of the founder and beekeeper adam on the homepage, to support the image of the product.

A shop now button - a simple device that means you can access the shop immediately,

within one click. For ease of customer journey we made the checkout possible without having to use the menu system.


We used the topography background design created to do a full wrap of the aecre vehicle.

"Eighth Day have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I couldn't be happier with the results they have produced, from day one they felt like part of the team. They constantly went above and beyond my expectations and showed a genuine interest and passion for our journey. I'm looking forward to having Eighth Day as an extended part of our team as our brand develops."

Adam Strawson, Founder of Aecre

Aecre - single origin honey footer image

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