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The Challenge

Same Sky a community arts charity, responsible for such events as the Children's Parade and Burning the Clocks are by nature a company of makers. They see the forming of substance into creative works, by hand, as a key part of their mission. However, with COVID-19 they are also aware that technology opens up other opportunities and our role was to help with an online presence.

Many of Same Sky's trail and parade projects have organized ‘gardens of light’ as part of their offer. This project allowed the artists to look at a given theme of the pandemic and create.

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The Results

We created a variable identity, never static always adapting to the space it sits in - reflecting the illuminated sculptures with light leaks animating within the A, and made 3D rotations of all the makes to form a garden of light, with layers of information available on the artists process. We built an animated message board where viewers are invited to add their response to the question 'What was your memory of lockdown that you will carry forward?' Music was created to add atmosphere.

We maintained traffic to website throughout the project and had 85.6% new visitors. Same Sky hope to take this project on tour later in the year.

To help with raising funds for Same Sky arts charity we added a donate section and shop to their website and created the Same Sky Collage Club with downloadable assets created by their artists. This is something they can build on to help them through these challenging times.

A massive thank you to John Varah artistic director at Same Sky for inviting me to work on this project I felt honored and to Gareth jones and for working with me on this project.

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