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Same Sky Burning the Clocks Lantern Trail

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The Challenge

To create an exciting and safe alternative to the regular Brighton event, something that everyone in the city could get involved in.

The Results

Burning the Clocks 2020 Lantern Trail

Twelve lanterns, one for each number on the clock, were created by Same Sky artists and went on display in some of Brighton's independent shop windows.

We supported the lantern trail with an app created using a responsive site developed for mobile devices, which we chose as a quick & cost-effective solution. Posters in each lantern's host window displayed a code to unlock the lanterns and offers, and you could follow clues to find each lantern's locations.

Each lantern followed a theme from the Burning the Clocks event, from Solstice to Community Lanterns to Beach Show. You could create and share a personal message when you unlocked the lantern from your mobile, reflecting your hopes & wishes for the following year.

We received over 1,000 messages that fed into the live message board which you can view at and 1800 unique users on the trail app during December. Anyone finding all 12 lanterns had a chance to win Same Sky's limited edition print 'Luck Dragon' by Graham Carter.'

The trail has now finished but you can still view on your mobile device and use the code STAR to unlock the lanterns.

Thank you to the fabulous arts organisation who remain committed to the ethos of a unique & inclusive event which commemorates the passing year & gives the people of Brighton an opportunity for reflection & celebration - perhaps this is more relevant than ever in this most unusual of years.

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