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Better World Summit: Packaging Transformed

We have partnered with Kimberly-Clark and Natura & Co whose products touch the lives of millions of people around the world. Both are seeking to discover new materials and process innovations that will transform their packaging and help them achieve their ambitious sustainability goals and reduce their environmental impact. 

Chosen startups will invited to join a 2 day innovation summit on 10-11 November 2021 in London, to receive support as they learn how to navigate commercial partnerships and pitch their solution to the companies.

This summit brings together startups and corporates forefronting the war on waste with sustainable packaging innovation.

Sustainable packaging is at the forefront of the war on waste. Today over 50% of all packaging is still sent to landfill. But, businesses are recognising the urgency to be better. This year, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation assembled more than 100 leading businesses and 50 more other organisations to sign an Extended Producer Responsibility statement. Change is imminent. With consumers and brands finally prioritising the adoption of more sustainable solutions, the time has never been better for planet-forward material innovation.

This November, Packaging Transformed will bring together five global corporates making public commitments to dramatically reduce packaging waste, and, fifteen innovators inventing new materials with the potential to create a better world. The summit aims to inspire change through the sharing of new ideas and creating opportunities for collaboration between those creating cutting edge solutions and corporates who can help to commercialise and scale them. Leading to faster adoption and bigger impact. 

Are you a brand or business experiencing challenges in sustainable innovation? 
Join us in November to: 

1. Meet the pioneers disrupting your industry and understand the future trends that will impact your organisation.
2. Inspire your teams and spark new ways of thinking that will energise you and shake up your approach to solving challenges internally.
3. Connect with the startups creating solutions tailor-made to solve your most difficult and pressing challenges and collaborate with them to deliver on your sustainability goals.
4. Create compelling case studies that demonstrate your commitment to delivering your sustainability goals.
‍Get in touch with Partnerships Director, Sarah Nicols to discuss how we can help. Contact her here.


Do you have a solution or technology that can help us change, minimise or re-use packaging waste?
Startups and scaleups, we'd love to hear from you if you have solutions in: 

+ Extending the life of packaging through recycling programmes and circular solutions
+ Developing and adopting new, sustainable alternatives to plastics and other packaging materials
+ Utilising technologies and processes that improve sustainability in the supply chain
+ Adopting tools that help track and measure sustainability to help demonstrate impact and inform decision making

Contact Anneza to hear more about the Packaging Innovation Summit challenge.

Better World Collective Summits evoke change through the power of collaboration. Held throughout the year, these two-day summits each focus on a critical theme, with the focus this coming November being Packaging.


What happens after the summit?
The ultimate goal of the Better World Collective Summits are to empower businesses to spark further projects with compatible startups. Whether that’s running a challenge to find circular solutions to your waste streams or piloting packaging technology.

Before the summit, we will invite you to a diagnostic where we can explore what this might look like. After the summit, we will support you and your startup innovators in designing and implementing your own bespoke sustainable initiatives.