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Tartle Media

PR, Copywriting, Content Creation

Who we are

Tartle Media is a specialist media relations company based in Brighton. It was founded in 2017 by former national newspaper journalist Emily Garnham who later spent seven years growing a successful London PR agency, where she helped catapult brands – including uSwitch, SpareRoom and Protect Your Bubble – to household name status.

What we do

With the tenacity of hounds, we secure press coverage, and lots of it, using our news nous and copywriting prowess to plan and execute thought-leadership and data-driven campaigns, and product and business launches. Our current clients are scattered all over the U.K. and span multiple sectors, including technology, financial services, business services, property, education and marketing.

We wear other hats, too: one for LinkedIn lead-generating content campaigns for B2B businesses, another for content creation for companies looking to bolster their marketing strategies, and a third for our popular ghostwriting services (books, guides, white papers, newsletters, features and websites).

Who we do it for

Tartle works exclusively with startups and SMEs. We've worked with larger businesses, but the press waits for no person. And, when it comes to news coverage, this actually gives smaller businesses the edge on larger companies. The speed of going straight to the top for comments (rather than wading through a multi-layered sign off process involving several people) is how we are able to get press coverage for tiny companies that have never been quoted by journalists before. That, and our ability to deliver a neat soundbite.