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AWS Migration Offered Free of Charge by AWS Partner Logicata

AWS Partner Logicata announced today that they are offering free AWS Migration services for businesses looking to move their IT infrastructure to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Migrating to AWS delivers significant benefits to businesses, including reduced IT infrastructure costs, increased business agility and improved application uptime.  Once, migrated, businesses typically see a 31% reduction in infrastructure costs, and a 94% reduction in application downtime.

To realize these benefits, businesses need to be able to execute on a three stage migration plan including an assessment of their on-premises IT workloads, design and build of an AWS ‘landing zone’ environment in accordance with best practice, and migration of on premises servers and data to the AWS cloud.

This can be a daunting prospect to those without experience – Logicata has a team of AWS certified cloud experts ready to help to make any AWS Migration run smoothly.  And for those customers who sign up to Logicata’s AWS Managed Services for their AWS migrated workloads, Logicata will offer the AWS Migration service completely free of charge.

Logicata’s AWS Managed Services enable customers to focus on running their business rather than running their IT.  Logicata operate customer AWS environments 24x7x365, ensuring the uptime, security and compliance of customer workloads running in the AWS cloud.

Karl Robinson, Director at Logicata commented “There has never been a better time to migrate on premises IT workloads to the Cloud.  AWS is now a well proven technology having been established over 15 years, and they are far and away the public cloud market leader with the greatest market share and broadest service portfolio.  But migrating to AWS is only the beginning of the cloud journey – once migrated, businesses have access to a broad portfolio of services which can really help them to innovate and stay one step ahead of the competition.  Whether it’s understanding business data to make better business decisions, the ability to experiment with new products and services in a low cost and agile way or expanding services into new geographies – AWS has services which can help.  Logicata are here to help customers at any stage of their cloud journey, but we want to make it even easier for businesses to take that crucial first step, removing any barriers to AWS Migration”.