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Charanga saves 30% on AWS bills with Logicata AWS Managed Services

Charanga saves 30% on AWS bills with Logicata AWS Managed Services header image

The Challenge

Charanga is an award-winning modern-day music resource for teaching music to primary school children. Charanga were an early adopter of Amazon Web Services public cloud infrastructure and have been relying on AWS to underpin their service offerings for over 10 years. AWS have been a reliable partner for Charanga, and Charanga have long been an advocate for AWS services. Charanga had no specific challenges with AWS, but when approached by Logicata with the offer of a free AWS Cost Optimisation and Security review, they felt that this was a good opportunity to review and take stock of the application infrastructure which had been built up over the last decade.

The Results

Logicata ingested Charanga billing and utilisation data into the Logicata AWS Managed Services Cost Optimisation platform. Within days, Logicata had identified savings of 30% on the Charanga monthly AWS bill, through a combination of instance reservation and rightsizing. In addition to the savings, Logicata also identified several security best practises to improve the security posture of the Charanga AWS infrastructure. Working with the Charanga IT team, Logicata helped to implement the most important best practise items.

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