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Adam Charlton - Branding Designer

Design & Branding

Who I am

I work with clients of all sizes to translate their purpose and mission to customers through their brand identity.

What I do

I help businesses translate their purpose and mission to customers through brand identity design.

I believe that simplicity is clarity. I take on a select number of clients so that I can provide my clients with the highest level of service and attention.

Following my critical design process, I work with my clients to uncover the roots of the organisation to find out how we can differentiate them in today’s crowded markets. I translate their purpose clearly into their brand identity so they can ultimately create a loyal and growing following.

Who I do it for

I work with all sizes of organisations including startups and multinationals across industries of fashion, retail, technology, healthcare, hospitality, finance and property development.

I have worked with clients across the world including the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan and the United States. Current and past clients include Marriott International, JP Morgan, Bupa, Fair Trade Hong Kong, Swire Properties and Sino Group.