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Prolific 10 x Val Wyatt: Making an Instant Impact

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The Challenge

Val Wyatt Marine is an independent marina located on a picturesque stretch of the iconic River Thames in Wargrave, just one lock from Henley-on-Thames. The company offers an extensive range of quality services – from a thriving brokerage for new and used boats, to a dedicated, privately owned five-acre marina, where an experienced team provides moorings and storage, as well as a full suite of professional cleaning, maintenance and repair services. Founded in 1845 and long-standing members of the trade association British Marine, Val Wyatt has a strong reputation for delivering exceptional customer service, built upon years of hard work.

Following a successful 2019/2020 season, Val Wyatt was looking to work alongside an experienced and innovative marketing agency to drive new enquiries and facilitate the next stage of its growth. The marina was aware of an increase in demand for new and used boats due to ongoing travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent growth in popularity of staycations. It was important for Val Wyatt to appoint an agency that would adopt a joined-up strategy, working closely with the internal team on lead generation.

After a comprehensive tender process, Val Wyatt chose Prolific 10 as its marketing partner – with the marina’s Managing Director Lisa Anacora particularly impressed with the agency’s thorough digital marketing audit, keyword research and competitive proposal. Prolific 10 demonstrated its understanding of how to build highly effectual campaigns for big ticket items and generating significant ROI – with the cost of Val Wyatt’s portfolio of boats ranging from £17,000 to £354,000.

“From the very start of the tender process, Prolific 10 was honest, transparent and committed to understanding the values of our business, our customers’ motivations and what we want to achieve moving forwards,” Lisa said.

Under the agreement, the deliverables included:

• Brand messaging and positioning session

• Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) set-up and management

• Facebook Pay-Per-Click (PPC) set-up and management

• Creation of on-site content to engage potential customers

Brand messaging and positioning session

Prolific 10 delivered a brand positioning and key messaging session with the entire team. The output from this important session was an extensive messaging matrix that can now be used by team members to provide the foundation of any marketing copy and company documentation, ensuring tone and style always remains consistent. This proved particularly useful for Prolific 10 when crafting PPC ad copy.

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) set-up and management

Following the audit, Prolific 10 was able to set budgets and goals in line with Val Wyatt’s business objectives, whilst simultaneously building highly effective keyword and negative keyword lists. The team worked with the client to create compelling ad copy, complemented by a selection of relevant images. Finally, efficient conversion tracking was configured.

Once the campaigns went live, the Prolific 10 team would closely monitor search queries on a regular basis, monitoring industry news and adding keywords when opportunities presented themselves. At the same time, the experts tested bid strategies and made constant refinements based on:

• High cost, low conversions

• Low quality scores

• Low click through rates (CTRs)

• General conversion performance

As part of the refinement strategy, the team would constantly test new ad copy for optimum performance.

Facebook Pay-Per-Click (PPC) set-up and management

After validating the Facebook pixel on the client website, the PPC experts constructed audience lists, before structuring all campaigns according to objectives (including lookalikes, remarketing, and consumer interests). The team created high quality new ad sets and compelling ad variations. Initial budgets and placement options were determined on the Facebook portal, whilst tracking was configured for effective reporting purposes.

During the first six months, Prolific 10 continued to test different ad formats, including video, whilst monitoring key metrics such as cost per impression (CPM), reach, engagement, CTR and cost per conversion (CPC) on a daily basis. The experienced marketers would carefully monitor and react to demographic, engagement and conversion data, whilst utilising engagement on initial campaigns to feed new ones.

Creation of on-site content to engage potential customers

Prolific 10 worked closely with Val Wyatt’s web design partners to create an extensive content calendar focusing on vital keyword terms and topics for SEO purposes, as well as valuable resources, such as newsworthy posts regarding local events, plus human-interest articles such as staff profiles.

The agency’s team of ex-journalists and copy writers continue to create compelling blog posts for Val Wyatt, exploring multiple insightful topics, ranging from the total cost of owning a boat, what is required to secure a boat licence, an explanation of CE categories post Brexit, the role of a marina assistant, and the return of live events to Henley-on-Thames.

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The Results

During the first six months of activity, Val Wyatt enjoyed a substantial return on investment – with Prolific 10 exceeding all KPIs. This included:

• Paid channels driving an additional 22,520 new users to the website in the first six months (a 44% increase in overall visitors)

• 120+ website enquiries – which is very impressive considering the average cost of sale – representing a rise of 23% against the same period last year

• Using Facebook retargeting as a tactic, Prolific 10 was able to attract 10% of all previous visitors back to the Val Wyatt website

• Average time on page for the blog section of the site increased by more than 60%

Lisa Anacora, Managing Director at Val Wyatt, said: “I have been incredibly impressed with Prolific 10 – from the tender process, right through to building, launching, and managing our paid campaigns. As a small company, we were looking for a friendly and approachable agency that could act as extension of our team and who we could closely collaborate with –Charlotte and Chris have ticked all the boxes. They are always on hand to offer advice and the ongoing marketing activity continues to deliver excellent value for money.

“The PPC campaigns have driven multiple enquiries for our internal sales team, whilst the carefully created blog posts have further improved the quality of our website. All of this contributes to our own mission to building trust and delivering an exceptional customer experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

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