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Agency Profit Plan


Client testimonials

  • Cool, calm and collected - sums up Simon's approach. That combined with a sharp mind and a fiercely funny sense of humour makes Simon one of the most entertaining and refreshing FD's I've ever worked with. In the face of adversity he's one you definitely want on your team - a privilege to work with the man.

    Nikki G

  • Lindsay is the finance and operations controller that you always wanted, that explains things in ways that even the least financially savvy people can understand. Without Lindsay, I don’t know how we would have tackled some of the inevitable challenges of running an agency. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

    Antony R

  • For the first time in nine years we have absolute clarity on the day to day workings of the business, this analysis is a tremendous support. Simon brings simplicity, logic and honesty to what he does making our lives easier. He improved our systems, mentors our finance staff, acts as an advisor to the management team and provides sound legal guidance. A brilliant find.

    Sharon W

  • Simon & Lindsay's Financial Health Check is the single best investment we've made this year. It's given us a crystal clear understanding of our financial health, clear targets for how to improve and, most priceless of all, peace of mind.

    Roxy B

  • Lindsay has provided us with the clearest sight of our agency's performance we've ever had. I really can't recommend her highly enough for any business which is looking to understand their performance better, get to the root of what makes them profitable (or otherwise), and make better-informed decisions all round.

    Rob A
    Killer Creative

  • Simon’s advice was clear and direct. He understands the challenges of running an agency and everything he talked about was relevant, easy to understand and, most importantly, easy to implement. If you’re not sure what your numbers mean and need some help to understand and make them better, give Simon a call

    Andrew P