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Kiss The Fish Ltd

Sales, Business Services, Strategy

Who we are

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We are a team of proven Sales Directors across a range of sectors, we offer you sales leadership for your business to help you grow and scale your sales performance. If your sales growth has slowed, or you have ambitious plans for sales growth we can help.

We are part of The Liberti Group, the Number 1 provider of high calibre part-time professionals

What we do

We work with you on a part-time basis to help you diagnose and then transform your sales performance. We do this through diagnosing every aspect of the sales function in your business, and then working with you as your Sales Director on a part-time basis, and and through our world-class sales training courses.

Who we do it for

All businesses who want to grow their sales! Our model works well with ambitious businesses who want to grow and transform their business, but do not have the budget to employ an experienced, proven Sales Director full-time. We have expertise across a range of sectors, talk to us to find out more.