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Rethinking my work in motion

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The Challenge

As another illustrator / designer, going into the world of freelance is daunting. As a creative you often look at your portfolio and scream (internally) "WHAT AM I OFFERING THAT'S DIFFERENT??!". So after a small breakdown and 5 minutes of just staring into the overgrown back garden, I thought - "my pictures could do with some movement"

If I want to go into the world of motion design I need a showreel in order for clients to know that I can ACTUALLY do it. Gave myself a time limit of 2 weeks to come up with something solid.

The Results

Brushed up on my AfterEffects skills and learnt a 1000 more techniques with the help of a few online courses (and youtube). My brain is frazzled with new information AND new prospects for my work. Here is my 2020 showreel *

*hopefully in the 2021 showreel it will be buffed up with client work :)

Rethinking my work in motion footer image