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Agile Business Development


Who we are

Delivering IT business solutions in Sussex for 35 years, within my own applications consultancy for 17, I've realised Agile should be applied to all aspects a business.

I'm a swing dancer and training to be a masseur also.

What we do

I've made mistakes and had successes and have decided to share with others what has worked for me and why through business coaching.

Highest priority is to satisfy business needs through early and continuous delivery of value

Welcome changing business requirements, even late in the day: By changing your mindset to become excited when things change suddenly.

Deliver business solutions frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

All stakeholders must work with people tasked with delivering business solutions: Showing you techniques for including employees, suppliers, partners and existing customers. Everyone has has unique requirements of your business and you cannot afford to disenfranchise them.

Build projects around motivated individuals and give them the environment and support they need: I'll help you develop a process to first understand your human resourcing needs are then identify people, by noticing their subconscious behaviours.

Put the wrong person in a job and they will leave or do make such a mess of it that you will end up helping them instead of focusing on the business.

The most efficient and effective method of conveying information is face-to-face.

Solutions are the primary measure of progress.

Agile processes promote sustainable development: I'll show you how to maintain a constant pace of improvement, indefinitely.

Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.

Simplicity: the art of maximising the amount of work not done–is essential.

The best requirements, and solutions emerge from self-organising teams - reflect on progress at regular intervals: I'll help you to put in place processes to encourage the business solutions team to reflect on how to become more effective by honestly discussing the good, the bad and the missing, then agree how to tune and adjust their behaviour, as a team.

Free 30 minute consultancy then £500 per hour, minimum 4 hours full consultation and a follow-up review for a minimum of 2 hours, at your arrangement. 50% of whole refunded if no positive effect proven at review meeting.

Who we do it for

Small and medium businesses