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Emma Smith

User Experience, Strategy, Games Design & Development

New boredom-busting games website launches for Easter Lockdown

Conceived and designed by Emma Smith, an interaction designer and artist from Brighton, Bored Games sets out to encourage curiosity, spark imagination and build creative confidence for all ages. Through game invention and reinvention, Bored Games’ mission is to bring playfulness and imagination back into family life, and share the wonderfully inventive games families come up with together using only household objects and a sense of adventure.

Bored Games currently has three boredom-busting challenge areas on the website, and a growing Facebook community where people can share their own favourite family games for users to play themselves and then vote on the most popular. 

Bored Games is fast becoming a treasure trove of free family games - created by Emma and her posse of Bored Gamers - that can be shared, played, reinvented and enjoyed around the world. Because being stuck at home doesn't have to be boring!

Emma commented: “I believe we need to get children thinking imaginatively if we want them to become the amazing creative beings, inventors and entrepreneurs that this planet needs. My personal mission is to supercharge young brains with creative thinking and doing, through imaginative play. I want to inspire the next generation of creative minds and make sure they have fun in the process.”