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Wentworth Consultancy Ltd

Business Services, Consultancy, Strategy

Who we are

Wentworth Consultancy is a business development, advisory and mentoring consultancy. Run by business and brand expert Tracy Hastain, our ethos is 'Positive Approach, Positive Thinking = Positive Outcomes'.

What we do

We support business owners, leaders and budding entrepreneurs with expert guidance and the tools to launch, repositioning or grow their businesses. Through one-on-one business courses or our bespoke service our aim is to help our clients build successful companies of the future and be in control...

We also like giving entrepreneurs a voice on the 'With Tracy' podcast

Who we do it for

For business owners and entrepreneurs whether starting up or scaling up, have a new idea to bring to market or want a fresh injection of inspiration. We are here to give our clients one on one support and our expertise to ensure they take the right steps and have the right tools to make the right decisions and achieve their goals.