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Anni Kruus

Creative, TV/Film/Video, Graphic Design

Who I am

I am a visual artist working primarily with moving image, dance and installation. My main interests relate to the reciprocal relationships between bodies, movement and space, and how each of these components impacts one another. Among other things, I draw inspiration from phenomenology, biological systems, mythologies and post-humanist ideas.

I have a MA Fine Art degree from Central St Martins and a BA(Hons) in Photographic Art from University of South Wales.

What I do

My main creative output is in the form of video and installation work mixed with live performance. I'm working to integrate immersive technologies into my art practice to develop even more spatially interesting and engaging installations and performances. I focus on multi-channel abstract video art, which plays with bodies and spaces in surreal ways, and live performances using modern dance, repeated movement and projection.

Slightly less prominent areas of work are sculpture and painting, both of which deal with depictions of bodies using abstraction, distortion and integration of non-human elements.

Outside of my art practice I also do photography, graphic design and web design on request.

Who I do it for

As an independent artist I rely on outside funding. I take commissions and offers to collaborate from organisations and private individuals.