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Ben Walker Fitness

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The Challenge

Ben Walker is a Brighton-based personal trainer and fitness guru. Ben is a measured and precise trainer with a persona to match. Ben wanted his new brand to reflect the spirit and energy of his clients and vision in a Cyber Punk inspired, high octane, urban aesthetic that doesn’t hold back or apologise for its outright commitment to movement, energy and fitness. We created 'Bee.Dub.Move'.

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The Results

Taking influence from retro typographic styling and popular culture from bygone eras, we fused this with modern trends to develop a brand that has notes of 90’s pop-chic and 80’s futurism. We added a street-style aesthetic to drop that unmistakable neon cyber-punk vibe.

A few words from Ben: "I couldn’t be happier with the branding work that PLUK Studio did for me. Chris and the team did a great job of transforming my values and aspirations into a tangible and outstanding brand presence. It perfectly reflects the different aspects of my personality, client aspiration and vision that I was after!"

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