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EveryMove Activity Finder

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The Challenge

To create an accessible and inclusive activity brand that seeks to inspire people towards a more active lifestyle to improve both physical and mental well-being.

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The Results

PLUK Studio worked with Active Norfolk on strategy, visual identity and moving image to create a new brand that was diverse and active which had both an individual and collective energy.

Along with an easily read wordmark, we created an group of emotive shapes that had their own personality and movement that represented the key pillars of the brand. Each shape can be used individually or collectively and have been designed so that position, orientation and colour work in harmony for any occasion.

As part of the strategy it was vital that the visual language was open to everyone and accessible to all and was neither over-active or sedentary in nature. We set out to create a brand that could compliment any activity from dog walking to kickboxing to life drawing.

Because of the broad demographic of users and the need to easily and quickly advertise events and classes, the brand required a design system that could be executed quickly and efficiently across multiple touchpoints without compromising the energy that the visual language provides.

The EveryMove brand is instantly recognisable due to the supporting shapes and sense of movement. The wordmark acts as a simple identifier that is easily read and has a clear link to the platform’s domain.

EveryMove has been one of the most challenging and rewarding projects PLUK has worked on to date. Its rigorous need for inclusivity and accessibility drove the brand to have both a natural and playful energy and is comfortable with human nature and the pursuit of a more active lifestyle.

Due to its successful pilot scheme in Norfolk, EveryMove is being rolled out across several counties across the UK and is looking to be Nationwide brand by 2025.

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