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PLUK Studio

Design & Branding, Graphic Design, Creative

Who we are

PLUK Studio are a creative design and branding agency based in Brighton, England. We work with interesting people from all walks of life and search for unique, creative opportunities.

We transform brands for positive change. We confront truths, fight for your brand and battle to create the best creative tools that you, your audience and clients will embrace.

What we do

Our capabilities cover a broad range of creative and design solutions.


Our approach and journey of exploration creates a visual platform that brings pride to your brand and unifies you and your audience.


We are committed to creating beautiful, creative, and environmentally aware packaging that provides a tactile experience for the customer.


Beautiful print adds value and creates a tangible difference to how you’re perceived by your clients and customers (and sparks envy amongst competition).

Art Direction

Creating original and engaging material for your brand takes courage and grit. Only the outstanding will survive in today’s competitive market.


We develop digital experiences that energise your brand and audience in ways that are both engaging and convenient to them.

Merchandise & Product

Branded products, merchandise, t-shirts design and everything in between. Be it bespoke illustration and print for your new line of t-shirts and hoodies or killer swag for your fans.

Who we do it for

We work with a wide array of local, national and global clients in a broad range of sectors. From education to energy through to retail and health.



United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority



To name but a few.