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ICO Dice: Equations, solved!

ICO Dice: Equations, solved! header image

The Challenge

Determine the role industrial design might play in encouraging students to study Physics and other STEM subjects. Produce a study aid that bridges the gap between GCSE and A-level, and communicate what is often dry subject matter, in a playful and kinaesthetic way.

ICO Dice: Equations, solved! image 1ICO Dice: Equations, solved! image 2ICO Dice: Equations, solved! image 3ICO Dice: Equations, solved! image 4

The Results

From its initial cardboard net incarnation, ICO has been developed into solid and origami form factors and sold to students, teachers, engineers, and scientists of all ages around the world; from the USA to Australia.

The fundamental equations of Physics are presented as equation triangles and arranged on the faces of a 20-sided icosahedron. This introduces chance and randomness into the revision process, or simply serves as an ornament of physics.

ICO Dice: Equations, solved! footer image

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