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Consultancy, Business Services, Education

Who we are

I am a leadership, communications and strategy coach. I coach individuals and teams. I have been tuning my own business for over 12 years and I qualified as a coach (Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching and Mentoring with the Institute of Leadership & Management) in 2007.

I am a qualified Myers Briggs Practitioner Level 1 & 2.

I am a Clean Language practitioner and am trained in bot Symbolic & Systemic Modelling.

What we do

Are you finding it difficult to think clearly? Are you wrestling with problems that just don't seem to go away? Are you spending too much time and head space on a few 'tricky' individuals? Have you lost sight of where you are going or why you re doing what you do? Does your self confidence come and go?

I help clients to work trough these challenges and more. I create a non-judgemental space for people to think clearly and find the best way to navigate through what is happening for them. I ask questions, challenge you, encourage and motivate you to find the best solutions to your problems. I'll help you to rediscover your purpose and be at your best, whatever that 'best' is.. a new and improved reiteration of yourself. A balanced you, a you when things are all going well.

Who we do it for

I work mostly across the Creative, Cultural and Tech industries. I work with leaders and managers working in rapidly changing and complex environments...