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Moving Pictures Theatre


Who we are

Moving Pictures Theatre (MPT) was formed to create quality film productions using both traditional and innovative techniques, including 360 capture.

Co-founded by Marc Green and Lucy Nordberg, MPT has brought together a team with a wealth of experience in cinematography, sound design, 360 degree filming, distribution and finance, in order to create our content.

What we do

We create films, with a particular interest in using interesting locations that inform the productions. We're also exploring the crossover between theatre and film, together with digital presentation and VR.

One of our aims is to bring about the rebirth of large-scale plays presented in the great halls, houses and castles that would have originally hosted them. These locations were once only able to welcome a small audience, but through filming we can now bring them to you, whether watching at the cinema, on TV, or online.

Who we do it for

We aim to bring quality arts programming to a wide audience.