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Advertising, Marketing, Strategy

Who I am

Anna is the person behind Reworq. She is a paid media expert with an outstanding record and proven ability in delivering revenue growth through effective omnichannel campaign development and management. Anna achieves cross-channel synergy by working closely with a trusted network of other media experts, providing consulting across paid, owned and earned media.

What I do

Performance Marketing: As an expert at leading the creation and execution of multiple digital marketing campaigns, I drive business growth and new markets penetration through effective understanding of customer motivation, including their drivers and online behaviours.

Maximise Reach: Working closely with clients, media owners and other stakeholders, I maximise market reach through leading high-yield paid media campaigns. By facilitating effective, paid social campaigns, I raise response rates and enhance customer-brand engagement.

Omnichannel Strategy: I develop new ideas that facilitate effective audience segmentation resulting in ultra-targeted campaigns while employing the right channel mix.

Tracking & Analytics: Being skilled in data analysis and using new insights to determine marketing strategies, I can ensure effective campaign tracking and measurement across all campaign touchpoints.

Who I do it for

I maximise client growth through shaping and executing future-proofed cross-media strategies. I work with small to medium size B2C enterprises across every vertical. I am highly specialised in e-commerce, google shopping feeds and localising marketing for international activity.

Alternatively, I deliver practical support to media agencies with their extra workload. I support preparations of pitch work, competitor analysis, post-campaign analysis, reporting, AB testing and account auditing.