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Silicon Brighton

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Who we are

Our mission is to drive tech growth in Brighton and we address that by hosting and promoting events where attendees leave with knowledge and skills gained, and connections made to help them drive both their businesses and careers forward.

During our events put tech companies in front of the technical community. This way technologists can hear first-hand from local employers what they need to be working on to stay employed here.

We give the meetup groups a platform to promote themselves and have additional access to speakers, sponsors, and general attendance. This in turn drive skills growth. And if there is a gap in the meetup space, we even help start new meetup groups.

And for anyone wishing to attend a meetup, we provide a central point for those meetups to be identified.

And finally, we bring in speakers from outside the region, not just to share with us their experience, but also take away their experience of a City with a level of energy, enthusiasm and support that is absolutely one to keep a look at, invest in even.